Step Six – Butt Yodeling

From the ledge of fortitude we let it out. Falling on the ears of the sheep below…


Wow, yuck. That sounds awful. That’s not what we expected to hear. Where is the beauty? Where are the mesmerizing majestic sounds of self? Where are the angels!? This sounds like we’ve just killed one of our sheep! What is happening here? Did you just hack up a lung? We’ve found ourselves, god damn it. Why do we suck? How is it that we’ve seen the lows, we’ve climbed ourselves up and yet here we are- yodeling off a mountain. Freezing our asses off too, because in our confidence we stormed up the mountain without a coat! COATS ARE FOR LOSERS! WE’RE NOT LOSERS, WE’RE YODELERS!

Did you expect sounds of an Alpine herder the emanate from your bowels of creativity on your first day? Absolutely not.

In our previous step we pussy-footed around with what makes us great butt- yodelers. We find others who have similar interests and goals, and we call out to these people either through signing up for classes or groups. Butt Yodeling takes us further, past the inevitable and ever-apparent “quitting concept.” A concept because you can never really quit, rather you choose to move or shift, to expand or contract. We’re all familiar with contracting.

You try.

You suck.

You run.

Butt Yodeling is about expanding, continuing and trusting the process. I hear about contracting quite a bit when we talk about meditation. The first response is almost always, “Oh, I can’t meditate. I think too much. My brain is too busy. I don’t have time.” The “time” one still floors me every time I hear it. Immediate contraction.

“I don’t have time.” is the STUPIDEST thing you can say.

It stops any further responsibility. As if time is something more than a measurement until death…ok, back to expanding. If you’ve been following along with this journey to authenticity, then you see nothing is without self-discipline. If you want to fix your diet, the must put the work in. If you strive for excellence in any areas of your life, you need to wash, rinse, repeat.

That’s where we’re at. Butt yodeling is about working the plan amidst wanting to give up. It’s about trusting the process in the thick of the haters. It’s about expanding your space when you want to run from it. Greatness is on the other side of surrender.

So keep trudging along. Down and back up the mountain. Your yodel is coming. Patience, grasshopper.



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