Jumping is the Hard Part. Falling is Easy.


I ghost blogged for a short time. You could write on practically anything. I chose to write about things that I had prior experience with: Food, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Autoimmune Disease, Homeschooling… I’m sure by this point you can see the pool I swim in. I wasn’t writing on Mortgage Rates or Marketing Strategies or the NASDAQ. I don’t know what NASDAQ even means. I wasn’t writing on how to “profit” from anything but INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. I chose topics that came from my personal experience. I thought it would save time! Writing, when given a specific task, comes with some snarls, but it was doable. I liked the feeling of completing a work that would live on. I thought, “Hey, I should start a blog! I can write about all the stuff I already wrote about……” Forgetting what a sucker I am for efficiency I realized how redundant that would be. I wasn’t going to spend double the time on an article that wasn’t going to change anyone’s life.

I wanted to change somebody’s life!

I knew I needed to write from my heart. All of my former topics were off the table. Shit. Now what?