Step Five – The Call of the Barking Spider



The Passive Phase of Spirit Farting brings to light a new side of your soul. You don’t know why, but you’re inexplicably drawn to shout out your purpose.

Welcome to the Active Phase of Spirit Farting! If you’ve been following along, anything we’ve put into practice thus far has been a fairly private endeavor. That’s about to change. So far, we’ve been under the flesh of self and now it’s time to come up for some air! Spiders meet on the surface and beyond; making connections with like-minded spiders would seem to be an astute move towards our success, no?


From depths that lie undiscovered the sound of unity bellows forth. The rumble of connections can be heard only by those who choose to listen:




When small minds are the sole of your surrounding you become sold on an existence wrought with ostracization. Reach out and you will find a different story. Social Media is magnificent for this. It’s incredible! Bark away, “Fellow Farters unite!” Millenials are much more adept at this. They connect in ways baby boomers+ are not genetically posed for. Seek out local or online classes or events that tug on your soul. Use your community resources. Break out! Learn to act, take a self-defense class, take that dance class you’ve been anxiously avoiding, cake decorating? Sure! What makes your heart sing? Do that, with absolutely no expectations. The key is to do things that raise your vibration. Positive emotions raise your frequency. Do things that make you happy.

Go! Check it out! Sign up! Do it!

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