Step Seven – Sphincturbulence.

Step Seven – Sphincturbulence –

Navigating Through the Storm

Allow. Allow. Allow. One of the hardest lessons.


What does allowing mean to you? Do you brace yourself upon something sturdy and wait for the moments to pass? Waiting for a better time to move. Do you claw your way through the muck to where you think you should be? With no regard for the means with which you destroy to meet your ends. Do you pick up your feet and float where the flow takes you? Always attracting an equal response. Do you do a little of all three? Are you aware of to what degree you allow at all? When we are not mindful, we are stopping the allowance of self. Trapped, it waits. Self has infinite patience.

What happens when the going gets tough? How do we navigate when turbulence from the bowels of self rocks our world? As we peel away new layers of self, we are faced with some layers that do not treat us kindly. Let’s face it, some layers are a bitch. This bitch will tell you a hundred times that you’re not good enough. Why you shouldn’t even be in this fight. She’ll remind you of your failures, one by one until you are all but consumed. She’ll whisper that you’re ugly. She’ll chuckle that you’re stupid. She’ll moan that you’re fat. If there were ever a fart to check your shorts after, it’s this one. You can’t prepare for Sphincturbulence and she will undeniably throw you off your game. Getting through the Sphincturbulent storms en route to – The Island of Authenticity – is part of being a champion. And, no doubt you are a champion. You are a CHAMPION!



Get up Champ, the fight continues. Go change your pants.


Most people will live their entire lives trapped in the clutter of their own thoughts. It is time to take a walk outside the clutter to see it for what it is. Stuff. Just stuff. Stuff to fill a void. It is your minds job to fill the void. But listen closely, your mind creates the clutter. IT does not exist. Active awareness lets you step outside the noise. Stand beside it. Look at it and still be alive. Without it.

It is not you. It does not own you. And you do not have to own it.

Until you have experienced ‘being aware’ of your thoughts rather than ‘being’ your thoughts, you’re still just a hoarder who hasn’t seen her floor in years.

Only those who have heard the silence are awake. And it is our joy to give a wake up call to those who moon for it. If they choose to listen that is for them to decide. If they choose to remain deaf to the words of the wind, that is on them as well. We only show love. The truest of existence. Be awake and aware of who your true self is. And ACTIVELY ALLOW her to come forth. More and more. Again and again. This goddess rises and falls. Allow her to rise to her glory and ALLOW her to fall to her slumber. Give her rest and she will return.

ACTIVELY ALLOWING more of who you are is way scarier than not eating gluten.

Raw homemade pasta with rolling pin

By opening up our mindfulness practice we will begin to recognize patterned behavior, and probably some subconscious self-sabotage as well. If how we react does not change, then the outcome will not change. Actively allowing our true self to respond to the vibration of life rather than letting the automated reaction our ego spits out is the goal.

How do we ACTIVELY ALLOW? Once again, its complexity is masked in its simplicity. Through mindfulness. Through bodywork. Through feeling the shadows and ACTIVELY stepping back to the light. Again and again.


All the suffering, stress, and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for.

Jon Kabat-Zinn



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