What is Spirit Farting?

First things first – What the hell is a Spirit Fart?

A Spirit Fart is a beautifully uncensored burst of your own authenticity.

Spirit Farts function in many of the same ways as traditional farts….let me explain.

  • Both are instinctive and impulsive.
  • Both are unique to each expeller.
  • Both release energy into the world around us.
  • Both are essential to your quality of life.
  • Both, at times, make you wonder if you’re going to shit your pants.
Spirit Farting is fundamental for carrying out your soul’s purpose however, Spirit Farting does not come without risks….let me explain.
  • Others who may be Spirit Blocked themselves, will find you odd or worse, weird.
  • You will have the urge to “Dutch Oven” all of your non-spirit farting friends. Don’t do this. They will not appreciate the humor.
  • Your body will feel better. Holding in any fart, spirit or otherwise, will make you ill.
  • Lastly, Spirit Farting is addicting. More things will come into your life that will give you the Spirit Farting opportunity.  Spirit Farting begets Spirit Farting begets Spirit Farting and so on.
 If you feel a longing deep within your soul to discover more of you and are interested in learning what authentic Spirit Farting is all about then this space that I have created is dedicated to YOU.
The YOU who KNOWS there is MORE.
The YOU who KNOWS you are MAGIC.
The YOU who KNOWS we ALL are.
Let’s Spirit Fart all over this bitch!  Whoa, I just Howard Dean’d that one….

Let’s calm down. Cultivating your authentic self simply means finding what rings true for you and bee-lining toward it. Spirit Farts are the baby steps toward authenticity. Looking at the big picture, “What is my life’s purpose?!”  and trying to reverse engineer that conundrum normally doesn’t lead to a whole lot of discoveries. That’s because we’re doing it backwards. Instead, becoming aware of the baby step choices we have everyday and choosing authenticity in those moments literally forces you into your life’s purpose.

Join me as I cut through the cheese of existence one toot at a time. Look around. Gain some knowledge. Become a mighty Spirit Farter! Share your Spirit Farting stories! I have an incredible appreciation for Spirit Farters that I meet on my path. I learn a lot from them.

Again, welcome to my space. Please make it your own.

Spirit Farting 101


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