Masculine Women, Feminine Men





As I bounce here today, on my ever rippling exercise ball, I am on the hunt. The spring session for our troupe is wrapping up. Planning for our fall session, I turn again to my beloved Spotify. I found this song. It was already on one of my dozen “will use this” dance class playlists. (I think that is a commonality within choreographers. Oooh that’s a great song! It’s just under 3:00? Even better! I’m saving it! I feel it.) Considering where the narrative has been floating, I thought it would be fitting to share.



1926 – Masculine Women, Feminine Men.

Nice going folks. In 90 years, we’ve managed what? This is nothing new. It’s 2016 and now instead of it being our grandparents over a gramaphone, it is us broadcasting it everywhere. Like a panic attack with a coffee drip. Until –


Do you think it ends? We can somehow separate ourselves into divinity!? Divinity is ALL THINGS! A single divide and we are unclean. Take that to bible camp.

How dirty are you?

How often do you dismiss another as anything other than you? Literally, physically you. There is no difference. You and I and Him and Her are all, when referring to this micro world, a pile of atoms assembled. Disassembled, we are not differentiable in any way. I am poorly paraphrasing Bill Bryson here.

The dividing and separating and categorizing and labeling will be our demise. It already is. It is sad to watch. Utopia cannot exist if chicks with dicks can’t come in. By the way, your nine year old little girl shouldn’t be going into a public restroom alone anyway. Get off your phone and go in with her.

I might use this song, it has a certain je ne sais quoi.

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