emotional vampire

In Walks an Ebber.

Following a predetermined set of laws, Creation has this fascinating way of repeating herself in all things. I find this art of hers utterly bewitching. Wherever you look – there she is – ebbing and flowing – ebbing and flowing. Infinite.

We do not escape her rhythm. We are the expressions of it.

As with all things we humans will try to impede this flow. In walks an ebber. Blocking, squeezing, clenching it away. Trying to dust it away. Complain it away. Lipstick it away.

I’ve heard of these people being referred to as “Emotional Vampires.”I call these flow altering humans “ebbers.” Sometimes I can repel them. Sometimes it is unintentionally rudely, but hey, a girls gotta thrive. Sometimes you can’t repel them. Sometimes protecting yourself is your only defense.

I won’t lie. I’m an awful self-protector. I can talk a big game, but give me a fair serving of Ebbers and I’m ruined for days. As if the bizarro world is curtly placed on me, in me. It….becomes me. My surroundings crumble before my eyes. Behind my eyes. It is so loud inside.

The ebb has begun. Get a grip. Breathe. Stop clenching your teeth. Drop your shoulders. Soften your brow. (This is my internal dialogue to prevent my almost palpable tension headache that will follow this encounter)

Perhaps I need a new tin foil hat?

Not always! Sometimes, around specific people (let’s call them Flow-ers!) I feel like we can do anything. Literally anything and we would find quality in it. It would grow us in some way. They value my existence and from their energy, I grow. I grow into more than I ever thought I could be. These beings of vibrating light are the exact opposite of an emotional vampire! Around them I am super-human. I am eternal creation itself. I am love. This is gratitude in action!

Flow-ers are worth their weight in carbs. I wish there were more of you.

I offer no solution. Or I can offer a hundred. A thousand. Or I’ll just offer one.

Drink some water, say goodnight to the moon and try again tomorrow.



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