Defender of Faith?

An open letter to the faith defenders that feel the need to try and convince me that somehow I’m just confused about their god.

What are you defending? Your faith? Who are you trying to convince? No, really. As if to assume everyone is not entitled to their own very personal belief, the defender of faith feels it is an appropriate response to my freedom to defend your faith as MY TRUTH? And you breed to defend your faith – further and further perpetuating a false sense of righteousness that is deplorable from any outsiders standards.

Deplorable, sir.

One’s very personal, private faith does not need your approval nor do we search for friction in this physical plane, yet there you are – vultures to the truth seekers. Ready on the attack the moment your reality encompasses something out of your paradigm of perfect.

How dare you.

Don’t worry though. We will continue to love you, because we know you are merely reacting to the fear that has been bestowed upon you. We realize you do not understand who or what you are fighting, only that you were told to fight. We realize you are just taking orders, after all, you need to be a good little soldier boy if you want to get passed those pearly gates!

Please, teach your children love and compassion for ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Stop teaching them how to defend against the godless! We are not the ones you should fear.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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