Step Three – Breaking Wind

The third step on our path to spirit farting salvation – Breaking Wind!

What does it mean to break wind to you? If you’re breaking wind, it screams movement to me. This one is intense! My kids practice breaking wind often. Did the couch just move? How can so much come out of someone so small? Fittingly enough, children rarely have to be told to break their spirit wind.

Children resting

Pay attention to your kids, they already have most of the answers we have forgotten.

Question: If your organs were a kitchen sink sponge, would they be a fresh sponge, ready to take on the days soils or would they be a soggy, onion stank torn up sad excuse for a sponge?

Hint: If you MOVE you are squeezing your sponge under a faucet of nutrients. If you are not moving, you are laying in a sink of onion stank.

Getting your flow going is vitally important to keeping your sponge fresh.

Smells so fresh!
Smells so fresh!

Our bodies are fluid in motion, always. We hinder that with cubicles, cars and toilets but we choose to not act for other reasons.  Sadness and anxiety can feel like a prison. Building your body up makes it easier to realize that this prison is merely an illusion, a tunnel we must travel to reach our destination. The only way out is through, my love. Choosing to Break Wind has to come from this emotional plane. Mindlessly going through the motions will have minimal effect. Be mindful. If you haven’t tried a body scan meditation yet, now would be a good time to see what that’s all about.

This one is kinda long for my taste but man, what a journey!


Another Kabat-Zinn (Love this guy!)


Start with small steps. Repeat. Again.

The wisdom IS NOT NEW. This isn’t my get enlightened quick guide. This is ancient wisdom coming through me, for you. Move your body or lose your mind. We need movement for our internal organs to function properly.

Lack of movement BREEDS SADNESS & ANXIETY.



Physical exercise EATS SADNESS & ANXIETY.

Without movement and mindfulness, our bodies are literally and metaphorically filling up with shit. Blocks from emotional places you don’t even remember having will hinder your physical progress through adulthood unless you wake up. This is your wakeup. Move your body!! Exercise!!

Once again here, I find it a great place to interject on the detrimental effects whining has on yourself and others. Everyone is busy. Everyone is stressed. We’ve already established that. If you bring nothing but excuses to this, chances are you make excuses for a lot in your life. Shut up and MOVE! Find something you like.






Just get your heart pumping and your lymphatic system flowing!






The first three steps are like a triad of butt trumpets:

  1. Meditation the melody.

  2. Food is harmony.

  3. Exercise is the BEAT!

We need to be mindful in order to eat properly, we need to eat properly in order to keep a clear enough brain to meditate. Breaking Wind puts all this into motion.

Our bodies are incredible vessels. Find out how incredible yours is. Time to Break Wind!




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