Five Signs That You Have Flying Monkey Syndrome.

Five signs that you have Flying Monkey Syndrome:

  1. You find yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable. You’re being dragged to the tenth department store of the day, when you clearly stated your need for a pretzel!

  2. You say “yes” to regrettable requests. Bowling!? Since when do I like bowling? What am I doing here?

  3. You take your cue from others rather than radiating from within. Being used to not having your needs met your needs become forgotten, even to you.

  4. You can feel storms of emotions approaching in your bones. Years of fight or flight have trained you to keep a watchful eye on the ebb and flow surrounding you.

  5. You need alone time. Time to recharge is essential in your world, because muttering obscenities in public is frowned upon, even if you are a monkey.

Are you a flying monkey? Do not fret. You are not alone. We are together.

For an eternity the flying monkey has done the bidding of the wicked witch. Often the scapegoat for a more sinister puppeteer, all to ready to shed blame on to her minions. They think they are safe. Yet the monkeys at the bottom, the millions and millions of monkeys at the bottom, are starting to see it for what it is. There is no way into the evil castle. WE are not safer because of her. We were scared of her. But now we see. She is only scary when we face her alone. This wicked witch smells when there is unease within the ranks, but she does not feel what we feel. She does not have the capacity to feel what we feel. She does not have the fiery beating heart of a flying monkey! She is weak. Having only her magic to defend her. We do not need magic-we have each other.

I will pick the fleas out of your hair if you would do the same for me. I won’t eat them though, because that’s gross.



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