Rip the Seam

Have you ever had a fart so powerful it ripped right through the seam of your trousers? (Yeah, I said trousers. Deal with it.) Perhaps after some Taco Bell? Gurgling as it grows. Gaining weight. Gaining force. Gaining heat.  Until without warning, you cannot hold it back any longer. Leaving you to scramble in shame as you search aimlessly for something, anything to cover your horrendous, unforgivable deed.

mmmmmmm…taco bell….curiosity once again kills the cat.

In order to move on with this Spirit Farting Path that you have so graciously allowed me to be a part of, it’s time to try on some new pants. These pants that we have been sporting are not our own. These pants have been picked out for us without ever letting us look at the catalog! There are lots of pants! There are skirts! “Taco Bell” is the knowledge we must devour to get the hell out of these pants.

Before eating the “Taco Bell” for myself, I was unable to conceive of a fart that held this kind of gravity. Even though I knew it was there, I was blind. They told me that this fart was mere legend. They lied.

How dare you ruin these perfectly good pants that I picked out for you! You’re a disgrace!
This is about TRUTH.

Not my truth.

Your truth.

It is time to open up to the exploration of your belief system. Depending on a plethora of factors (that are based on fear and should be addressed) this might be a deal breaker for you. I get it. But let me be clear. No one is trying to threaten your faith or your conviction of such. I’m not trying to hurt>>> your particular god’s feelings. <<<What I am trying to do is open your hearts to the collective connectedness that we all share, regardless of religion. Regardless of religion! One more time for my peeps in the back row!


The INSTANT we realize this connectedness we share is the INSTANT our pants become threatened. Our stomach churns with disapproval as our hearts question what unconditional love really means. Your ego will try to fight any notion of this ALL IS ONE BULLSHIT! Tell your ego to pipe down. Go set off a couple silent but deadlies in the face of a warm window.

The bigger this pill is for you to swallow should show you much about where your belief system has taken you. Perhaps these beliefs aren’t really our own at all. They’re other people’s beliefs. They have been passed down and droned on for generations. It is the way. I can remember being trapped in twelve years of “religion classes” and wanting to scream at the absurdity they were spewing.

It is not the way.

Exclusion is not the way. Inclusion is always the way. Exclusion leads to living in a fear based paradigm. Living in fear deprives us of any original thought. And even if you are so spirited as to have doubts, you can’t possibly assume you can express those doubts in safety. Having a vivacious curiosity since childhood, I’ve experienced ripping the seam on many of the pairs of pants that I was expected to wear.  Some days, I don’t even wear pants!

I will warn you, the waters become treacherous when you are not in the sanctuary of the boat. Just keep swimming. Some of you have already taken this step. You are brave souls. Some of you have not yet dared. Inside you is someone just as brave.


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