Step Four – The Anal Salute



Step four – The Anal Salute! Our last and final step in the PASSIVE PHASE of spirit farting. This is a culmination of all of your hard work thus far. We’re eating better. We’re spending moments with ourself in new ways that were perhaps not within our field of consciousness before we started on our Spirit Farting Path.

Like a horn for victory broadcasting for the underdog! We are rising from the misty dawn to declare triumph over self! Let the trumpets blast! Let the cymbals crash! Let the saluting begin! Let everything that breathes proclaim, “Thank You!”

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.” ~ Meister Eckhart

Thank you? Shouldn’t we be proclaiming a winning onslaught of negativity toward our opponent? Aren’t we spitting in the non spirit farters face? We have triumphed over lies! We have overcome insurmountable set backs and worse….we can’t even gloat?


Anal Saluting is not about them.

Again, your battle truly lies within. As do their battles. Anal Saluting is the calming rush of gratitude that cultivates in our hearts when we let off Silent But Deadlies as habit, when we Break Wind as a priority, when we take Bean Bombs seriously. Getting the Anal Salute means that you have been paying attention! Your frequency is rising! You should be very proud of yourself for making it this far.




Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

If you are not feeling moments of gratitude, you are not ready to move on. This is important stuff. The steps on our path that follow begin the ACTIVE PHASE. If you have not yet gained some sense of true gratitude and excitment for life, you have no business there. This is not the time to be dishonest with ourselves. This is the time to man up and see where we are.


If you’re ready, then let the ACTIVE PHASE begin! I’ll see you at Step Five…


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