Jumping is the Hard Part. Falling is Easy.


I ghost blogged for a short time. You could write on practically anything. I chose to write about things that I had prior experience with: Food, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Autoimmune Disease, Homeschooling… I’m sure by this point you can see the pool I swim in. I wasn’t writing on Mortgage Rates or Marketing Strategies or the NASDAQ. I don’t know what NASDAQ even means. I wasn’t writing on how to “profit” from anything but INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. I chose topics that came from my personal experience. I thought it would save time! Writing, when given a specific task, comes with some snarls, but it was doable. I liked the feeling of completing a work that would live on. I thought, “Hey, I should start a blog! I can write about all the stuff I already wrote about……” Forgetting what a sucker I am for efficiency I realized how redundant that would be. I wasn’t going to spend double the time on an article that wasn’t going to change anyone’s life.

I wanted to change somebody’s life!

I knew I needed to write from my heart. All of my former topics were off the table. Shit. Now what?


Speaking from the heart comes easy to me. I don’t have time to think about what someone else will think. I don’t edit. I don’t spellcheck. It just comes out. There is no “pondering the great beyond,” there is only aftermaths of ponderment. Is ponderment a word? My spellchecker doesn’t seem to think so. Oh well, I’m using it. Yet, writing from the heart is an entirely different process for me. The pauses and deletes because it’s “not finished.” The lack of completeness was killing me. WRITING from the HEART seemed to paralyze me.

So, instead of publishing Polished Nothing I decided to publish Raw Everything.  Writing from my heart immediately goes to a pretty far out place…..

The vibrations of life are all around us. We send them out-we receive them back. It is literally a song. Slow down to hear it. Everyone goes too fast through the waves and destroys them. Crashes them together. That isn’t harmony. It is no wonder so many of us are unwell.  Everything comes from a vibrational plane first. The denseness we feel is because of restrictions we put on ourselves. Either through others’ belief systems or our own unfounded fear, our own unfounded guilt.  Gripping, tighter and tighter. The denseness makes even the possibility of a lighter place feel impossible. Break through these sound-stoppers. These shackles of perception!

I’m about to delete. I’ve convinced myself that this is garbage and I must start over again. But this time I’m hitting publish, because, why not?


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